The Pants Judge will now face ethics charges

I remembered this, um, case? situation? nonsense? only vaguely when I read this tidbit today:

Ex-Judge Who Sued Dry Cleaners Over Lost Pants Faces Ethics Charges

Nearly a decade after his “Satisfaction Guaranteed” suit flopped, Roy Pearson Jr. faces sanctions for his conduct.

The ex-judge had sued his cleaners for (hold on a minute while I warm up my fingers…) $54 million. For losing a pair of his pants.

Given the import of this big story, I did us all a favor by finding this ample (and hilarious) narrative about the, um, case? situation? nonsense? quite appropriately from Kevin Underhill on Lowering the Bar (there was also a story from Above the Law but this thing is more under the bar than above it):

Now with ample time on his hands, having not been reappointed to another term as a D.C. administrative-law judge, Roy L. Pearson, Jr., continues on his quest for justice.  As you may recall, t…

Source: Still Unable to Shut Up, Pants Judge Roy Pearson Is Back in Court | Lowering the Bar

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