The Really Bad Lawyer Collection

Maybe I haven’t been paying a lot of attention lately to bad lawyers, but gee. It does seem as if there’s been a sudden flurry of attorney thievery, disbarrments and, in one case below, a jail sentence.

As I’ve noted previously, each of these headlines is from my very limited online subscription to the New York Law Journal which, without being paid a king’s ransom, most of the time won’t let me get the full stories.

Still, even these abstracts convey the message, don’t they?

Disbarred Attorney Sentenced for Larceny

Shigetaka Ogihara, a disbarred attorney who stole $1.8 million dollars from a client, has been ordered to serve three to nine years in prison

Lawyer Charged With Theft of More Than $1.4 Million

Long Island attorney Steve Weinstock is accused of stealing in excess of $1.4 million through his alleged theft of escrow money and failure to pay off a mortgage..

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