The (Republican) global war against women

Here, from DailyKos, is a perfect example of how the global war against women functions in politics. First, the men of a political persuasion deny they’re against women. Never mind the legislation they propose, and pass − legislation that is specifically designed to deny women freedom of choice for their lives, and keep them as second-class citizens.

Next, they dig up out of who knows where women they promote to run for office. Then they say, “See? We’re not against women. Look at these marvelous women who are running for office on our party line. How can anyone say we’re against women?”

Take a long, long look at the women Republicans are running for Congress. A long, long look: Republicans try to move past ‘elections are like wedding dresses’ message with new web ad for women. To get a taste, here’s how the article begins (and there’s a nice video that accompanies it):

Last week’s attempt by the GOP to woo women with a message that boiled down to “Elections are like shopping for wedding dresses, little lady” went over like a lead balloon, but today they are back with a new web ad trying to position the GOP as the party for women by featuring several female Republican candidates into a single ad.

The message: Republicans are the party of women because a handful of the GOP has a handful of female candidates. Not exactly a powerful message, but when you consider the positions supported by the candidates on the list, you can see why they’d rather focus on their chromosomes than what they stand for…

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