The retro look: anti-Semitism is back! In Pennsylvania!

As I’ve said, DailyKos Elections are invaluable. How else could I follow what’s going on around the country? My favorite line in the report below, “I have a lot of friends that are Jewish friends.”

PA-Gov: This fucking guy. Earlier this year, wealthy state Sen. Scott Wagner, a Republican who’s running for governor of Pennsylvania, was captured on tape assaulting a tracker, revealing himself as a violent thug. Now he’s gotten mixed up with a tracker again, and in this latest video recorded a week ago, he’s revealed himself as an anti-Semite:

Wagner: And Mr. Soros, I would be like …. You know what’s amazing that a guy who came from Hungary—a Hungarian Jew—made a fortune. Think where he came from, and he has an opinion of America that he does. It’s just amazing to me.

Tracker: Because of his ethnicity?

Wagner: No, because of his hatred for America.

Wagner then immediately tried to cover his own ass in the most pathetic, tried-and-untrue way, literally saying, “I have a lot of friends that are Jewish friends.” And it gets worse. When the Philadelphia Inquirer called him on his remarks, Wagner offered another defense: “I’m trying to bring a little humor into it.”

Oh, so it was “just” a joke? First off, that’s total bullshit. Watch the video—there isn’t the slightest hint of mirth in Wagner’s delivery. But that’s also utterly beside the point, because supposed “jokes” can be extremely hateful—we’ve all, unfortunately, heard racist jokes. Is it any wonder that Wagner’s not only a huge Trump fan but has even directly compared himself to Trump? The only proper response here is an apology, but of course, none has been forthcoming.

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