The right wing’s global war against women, from the National Review

Women are “being taught to believe they were raped.”

Yep, that’s what a National Review contributor − a woman, yet − has written.

I’m finding it hard to grasp why these people would want to weigh in so malevolently on this ugly subject. What does the right wing think they’ll gain from this argument? The women’s vote? Suppression of the women’s vote?

The right wing has taken up so many virtually impossible positions politically: they are climate change deniers, voter suppressors, anti-free-choicers, anti-evolutionists, anti-government, prayer everywhere, guns everywhere…

The right wing has, in effect, opened up their primeval war on too many separate fronts. You’d think they were forgetting all the lessons of history. Or they are in the bunker, planning suicide.

“What the hell is wrong with these people?” asks DailyKos. My answer: Necrophilia.

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