The robocall lawsuit v Time Warner

My, this is big news. I mean, anybody irritated by robocalls (and who among us isn’t?) and by cable companies is jumping up and down.

King v. Time Warner Cable, 14 Civ. 2018


  • U.S. District Court, Southern District
  • District Judge Alvin Hellerstein

Times Warner Cable Must Pay $229,500 To Texas Woman ‘Robocalled’ 153 Times

And just in case readers of the New York Law Journal didn’t pick up on this, yet another piece appeared on the same date. This gave me an excuse to look up and link you to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (? who knew?I certainly did not.)


Judge Orders Time Warner Cable to Pay for ‘Robocalls’

Mark Hamblett, New York Law Journal  

The fact that a phone number is reassigned does not shield a company from liability under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act for “robocalling” consumers without their consent, a federal judge has ruled.

Wanna bet this decision spurs a heap of robocall lawsuits?

Meanwhile, you all know you can sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry, a government agency division which does block all sales calls. Presumably. It does not, however, block all those non-profit organization and political fund-raising phone calls.

At that site I linked above, you’ll see you can complain about specific numbers.

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