The role of judges in Utah? Not.

First there was this news:

Source: Controversial judge orders baby removed from same-sex parents and placed with heterosexual family

Then this:

The judge reversed an order issued this week that the nine-month-old girl be removed from the home because of the women’s sexual orientation.

Source: Utah Judge, in Shift, Lets Lesbian Couple Keep Foster Child – The New York Times

And today–November 17--I read that the judge has…OMG what are the courts coming to!…recused himself from this case. Now there’s a movement in Utah not simply to accept graciously the judge’s recusal but to impeach him, remove him from the bench.

He never should have been sitting there in the first place.

I work so hard to avoid saying what I’m saying here: what on earth is wrong with “America’s heartland”?

Doesn’t it seem there are things going on in those center-of-the-country red states that are so weird, so humanly incomprehensible it becomes difficult to avoid believing that aliens from another universe have landed and taken over?

When I see news like this, I kiss the sidewalks of New York and weep in gratitude that my immigrant grandparents didn’t decide, “Hey, why don’t we settle in Utah?”

UPDATE November 17, 2015.

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