The sinkholes are coming, the sinkholes are coming…

Did I say something about how I never expected to write the word “sinkhole” here? Well, here’s my second mention of sinkholes in one day. And what I found today in the Daily News suggests that sinkholes are migrating north from Florida:

Survives sinkhole scare

A Bronx man was swallowed by a sinkhole as he operated a forklift in a New Jersey warehouse Monday, officials said.

Danny Rodriguez miraculously escaped with only minor injuries after the 12-foot-deep hole opened up in the floor at the warehouse in East Rutherford about 12:20 p.m., cops said.

The AM Express Freight employee plunged into a pool of cooking oil and soy sauce that had been stored in the warehouse and also toppled into the sinkhole.

Police found Rodriguez crawling to safety. ‘Considering what could have happened, he was pretty shook up,” said East Rutherford Police Chief Larry Minda. — Shane Dixon Kavanaugh

Had I not read about those horrifying Florida sinkholes, I’d want to make some reference to the cooking oil and soy sauce, but forget it.

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