“The Stop-and-Frisk Case Takes Another Turn”

The New York Times editorial begins:

The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit embarrassed itself again on Wednesday by reaffirming a hasty and ill-considered decision last month to remove the presiding judge from the court battle over New York City’s stop-and-frisk program and to stay her remedies for the policy’s civil rights violations.

Boy, what a furor over the Second Circuit three-guy panel’s decision! And it seems that the furor is not just out here, with those of us who are furious, but is whipping through Second Circuit chambers.

Have to say, I am kind of enjoying what reads like an embarrassing half-assed apology from these three federal judges. But given the study just produced by our Attorney General Eric Schneiderman reviewing the efficacy of the stop-and-search policy (Stop-and-frisk led to few convictions, state study finds | Crain’s New York Business.), I’ll reserve most of my enjoyment for the day that the policy is dismantled as (1) being unconstitutional and (2) being a flop.


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