The strip club lawsuit news you’ve been waiting for!

First from the New York Law Journal:

Strip Club Managers Not Defamed by News Report, Panel Rules

Ben Bedell, New York Law Journal

A CBS News report describing a Manhattan strip club that was raided by the FBI as “Mafia-run” did not give rise to a defamation claim brought by three club managers who were not named in the report, a divided First Department panel found.

And then there’s this lawsuit news from the Daily News, reliably jammed with puns:

The strippers aren’t the only ones getting screwed out of fair wages at popular jiggle joints, a new class action suit charges.

Source: NYC strip clubs screwing employees out of wages: suit

Yes, all good, but you need to know that the hard copy headline was:

Club owners were cheap boobs – suit

And there’s a nice color photograph of the marquee on one of the clubs — but not one of the cheap boobs.

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