The Swamp Creatures take vow

From the Brennan Center for Justice. I’ve bolded some encouraging phrases:


Conservative Groups Plan Media Campaign Supporting New SCOTUS Nominee

Conservative groups are planning a media campaign to support the confirmation of whoever Donald Trump nominates to the U.S. Supreme Court, writes Burgess Everett for Politico. According to Everett, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D – N.Y.) said “his caucus will oppose high-court nominees that are not ‘mainstream’” and “would ‘absolutely’ try and keep the seat vacant.” Senate Republicans “will need at least eight Democrats to break a filibuster on a Supreme Court nominee.” Conservative groups, including the Judicial Crisis Network, are planning ads “urging a number of moderate Senate Democrats to support Trump’s choice.” JCN’s Chief Counsel Carrie Severino said: “We are preparing to launch the most robust campaign for a Supreme Court nominee in history and we will force vulnerable Senators up for re-election in 2018 like Joe Donnelly and Claire McCaskill to decide between keeping their Senate seats or following Chuck Schumer’s liberal, obstructionist agenda.” Everett also writes that “there will be intense pressure from liberals to block any of Trump’s nominees after McConnell’s unprecedented strategy of denying Obama’s efforts to fill Scalia’s seat.”

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