The uncivil war in Wall Street: an amusing juxtaposition

For those of you who don’t get the New York Times in hard copy, or who don’t read it because you read another major newspaper…

Today’s op-ed pages offer a really kind of funny sort of debate between Paul Krugman, in his “Attack of the Wall Street Snowflakes,” and Steven Rattner — a genuine Wall Streeter — in his “The Warren Way Is the Wrong Way” op.

Krugman explains in his logical, amiable way why Wall Street is freaking out over Elizabeth Warren and her ideas, and then Stephen Rattner freaks out, thus demonstrating what Krugman is talking about.

I’m wondering whether James Bennet, the Times’ editorial page editor, did this deliberately or, gee, it just sort of happened accidentally.

Whatever. It’s really, really good stuff. Especially Krugman.

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