The (upcoming U.S. elections) war against women

Is there a feminine version of “bromance?” Whatever it is, I have it with Gail Collins. In her New York Times column today, “What Women Want,” she manages to pin down every misogynist weird pol running for office. Nails ’em.

Some of those pols actually claim to be women. (Where do the Republicans find these fembots? I’m envisioning a secret factory somewhere in Idaho where they use Ira Levin’s Stepford Wives as a mechanical and are busily knocking out purportedly women people like Joni Evans.)

So this is a gift to all readers here, and especially to women. Read Gail Collins and get yourselves to the polls, or I’ll have to believe that instead of voting, you’re agreeing with this socko boffo Republican campaign approach:

The College Republican National Committee has been investing heavily in online ads aimed at fans of the TV show “Say Yes to the Dress,” in which the dresses are named after gubernatorial candidates. If you are in, say, Florida, you’ll see a happy young woman trying on wedding gowns, twirling around and announcing that “The Rick Scott is perfect,” while her irritating mother demands that she take the Charlie Crist dress, even though it’s unflattering and costs more money. As a writer in Jezebel noted, it seems to have been made by people who felt the best way to communicate with female voters is “to explain things in terms of bridal wear.”

On the sort of better news front, though, “Thousands in Iran Protest Acid Attacks on Women.”

Hm. One could describe the Republican campaign ads as metaphoric acid attacks on women so hey women: if you get out and vote against these people, you’ll be joining the protest.

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