The War on Workers: Amazon wage theft case goes to Supreme Court

I didn’t know I had a category called “The War on Workers.” Well, I didn’t; DailyKos does.

And it’s a well-named category, too. This week in the War on Workers: Huge Amazon wage theft case goes to Supreme Court. The “wage theft” comes from Amazon forcing their workers to go through security lines whenever they enter the warehouses. The time it takes — figure security lines in court, or at the airport — is not paid for by Amazon.

Here, in brief, is the huge significance of this lawsuit:

Mark Thierman, the Reno, Nev., lawyer representing Busk and Castro, says the lawsuit has since been joined by another 500 workers from other warehouses. If the suit is fully successful, he tells In These Times, the settlement could include back pay for as many as 500,000 workers (both permanent and temporary) from all of Amazon’s more than 50 U.S. warehouses. […]

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