The weirdest, wonderfulest unaffordable thing ever

From Hammacher Schlemmer, of course.

It’s on the front of the current catalogue. Just in case you have $139,000 to spend on whimsy.

Yes, those of you who are paying attention, I did get caught in a Hammacher April Fool’s joke once, although I sprung back pretty quickly.

And I don’t want to hear from anti-filthy-rich people, screaming about the vast inequality in this country. Because Hammacher Schlemmer is not for the filthy rich. For the most part, what it sells is imaginative, useful–especially for those of us with various pains and physical problems, i.e., everybody–and affordable.

For years I’ve used their headache relieving wrap, which really does relieve my headaches, and the smart offline password vault.

If you long to be a spy, HS has its Video Recording Cap, now on deep discount for $29.95. In fact, there are tons of sales items in the current catalogue, and some hilarious large Halloween objects for your house, like the 8 Foot Creepy Crawler.

Of course, if I had $5000 to spare, as well as a lawn, I might go for the Inflatable Irish Pub.

And sit it right next to my pool, guarded by…

Usually, though, I page through the catalogue to be reminded of the inventiveness, human concerns and sly good humor residual in our often decried human race.


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