The worst Supreme Court decisions in history. Part II

UPDATED as of Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

In just a couple of days, John Roberts’ court just added a bunch of lousy Supreme Court decisions to the previous list.

I don’t know about you, but once again I’m sort of flopping around my floor, trying to figure out how to get up again. I mean…

  1. The Muslim travel ban.
  2. Unlicensed anti-abortion “clinics” in California get the uh, “First Amendment” right to lie, con, NOT freely speak but to offer severely curtailed “advice” to women who haplessly wander into these “clinics” thinking they’ll get advice about pregnancies, wanted and unwanted.
  3. Sliced and diced antitrust laws in order to protect American Express’s “freedom” to force stores to keep mum about other methods customers might use to pay for purchases — methods that would be less financially burdensome for the stores and customers themselves. (Have you noticed whenever SCOTUS finds for corporate freedom, it means less freedom for us?)
  4. (I’m sighing) They kicked a bad, crooked punt on political gerrymandering in Wisconsin and Maryland…
  5. …while giving the thumbs up to Texas’s clearly racially discriminatory redistricting which will, in turn, encourage North Carolina’s GOP’s endless, appalling efforts to restrict and suppress minority voting.
  6. UPDATE (because I was so overwhelmed with the above, I forgot…) Epic Systems v Lewis, in which five heavy feet tromped on class action lawsuits. 
  7. UPDATE: And the egregiously unnecessary blow to public service unions, with their Janus decision.

I know there’s more bad stuff but my stomach won’t hold up for further listing.

All in a couple of weeks.

Notice to John Roberts: you have allowed your court to become tainted and tainted will be your legacy.

Nothing more to say except….we must all vote today in primaries, and in November. Must vote, must vote, must vote.

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