There will be good things

Truth Social, ♥ TFG’s attempt to get tons of money from investors to start a media empire and challenger to Twitter, is reported to be failing. The CEO of this flop is Devin Nunes. We all remember him, as competent as a CEO as he was as a congressman.

Lithuania announced it is entirely “off” Russian gas. Banned it, dead, no more.

And the NYT reported today that a gigantic tanker filled with Russian oil in Murmansk had to stop its voyage to Philadelphia, do a U-turn mid-Atlantic and wander around the Mediterranean until finding a port to park at in Sicily, because the oil sale to whomever was withdrawn mid-Atlantic. The Times has a fairly amusing map with a red line indicating the tanker’s route to nowhere. I’d love to hear or read the message sent to the tanker’s captain re the above.

The January 6 Select Committee reported on Twitter it has conducted 800 depositions and interviews with more scheduled received nearly 90,000 documents relating to our investigation followed up on more than 435 tips received through our tip line. [Let this be a suggestion of the huge volume of evidence and vast numbers of potential defendants the DOJ is pursuing. Indeed, the DOJ announced it’s hiring at least 100 new lawyers to deal with this, the largest investigation and prosecution in U.S. history — and, I’ll bet, in the history of any country.]

Kyle Griffin, an MSNBC Exec Prod., tweets: Apple is quietly mobilizing its vast resources to lobby against anti-LGBTQ legislation proliferating across the country. The company has deployed its lobbyists to oppose legislation in Iowa, Florida, Texas and at least six other states.

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