“These things always blow over.”

So said Mitch McConnell a short time ago.

My cousin Janet and I have a history of being on the phone saying things when Washington, DC goes monumentally wrong.

The night the first network called the election for Ronald Reagan, a 7:30 pm or so, Janet and I got on the phone. “This is a joke, right?” she said.

The other day we were talking briefly about the Kavanaugh business.

I was recalling what happened with Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. 

And in doing so I accidentally presaged McConnell’s arrogance and condescension. “They think it’ll be like the Clarence Thomas hearings, that women will be outraged but Thomas goes onto the Court and we’ll simmer in anger but just cope with it.”

“Not this time,” Janet said, very quietly.

No. Not this time.

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