Things happening

Congress just reintroduced a constitutional amendment to overturn ♥ Citizens United.

Chuck Schumer tweeted, Make sure your friends see this: We have now confirmed FIFTY-SIX federal judges under this Democratic Senate Majority! [I’m making sure my friends who correctly were furious over the number of awful federal judges TFG put on the bench, see this. Biden is ahead of Trump at this point in his presidency.]

Free Speech for People announced: We just filed a legal challenge to Rep.♥  Marjorie Taylor Greene’s eligibility to appear on the 2022 ballot in Georgia based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, the Insurrectionist Disqualification Clause.

Big laugh of the day: ♥ Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, alleging they tried to rig the 2016 U.S. presidential election by tying his campaign to Russia.

[Yes, he really did this. To reiterate, there’s an unwritten law in, well, law, that says anyone can sue anybody for anything at any time. Codicil to that unwritten law: any lawsuit can be summarily dismissed. And anyone can read the Mueller Report, which details precisely how Trump’s campaign was tied to Russia.]

From Marc Elias: an Arkansas trial judge entered a written order officially blocking four new voter suppression laws, ruling they all violate the Arkansas Constitution’s right to vote.

Can you deal with another laugh today? This is from Zachary Petrizzo, the Daily Beast’s media reporter: ♥ Donald Trump Jr. launched an aggregation news website, but the site “MxM” notable is now fighting for Google space due to the already established South Korean K-pop duo “MXM.”

When I worked for Malcolm Forbes, I learned that “yacht” is the wrong term for big boats. Malcolm had a succession of big and bigger boats all named The Highlander. Big boats are called “boats.” So make a mental correction in this, from the Times: Russian crew members on a mysterious $700-million luxury yacht [her name is Scheherazade] that U.S. officials say could be owned by ♥ President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia abruptly left their jobs and the Tuscan coastal town where it is undergoing repairs a couple of weeks ago amid scrutiny of the vessel, local union leaders and workers say.

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