Things I’m grateful for (and not)

It’s been awful, hasn’t it? Incessantly awful ever since November 9, 2016.

However, there are a few things I’m grateful for — one of which is not being obsessed with perfect written grammar.

  • Hot and cold running water. And electricity.
  • Caller ID.
  • Living on the 13th floor of a building that courageously has a 13th floor. That is, I don’t live on a 13th floor called the 14th floor.
  • A basement laundry room open until midnight every night.
  • Google, where I found a revelatory video which taught me how to fold contour sheets.
  • Timing my joint consumption of Cabot’s Greek yoghurt and dried cranberries (in my morning gruel) so that I run low on both at the exact same day, whereupon I can replenish both at Zabar’s in one visit.
  • The new breed of meds.
  • Food. And cooking food.
  • Knowing how to watch my team play a football game without collapsing into despair when they lose.
  • My TV’s classical radio station, which has enhanced my deep affection for Sibelius and Rameau.
  • Caulk tinted to the unusual shade of my kitchen tiles.
  • Getting good enough at using a caulking gun (and a lot of wet rags) so that my rows look (nearly) professional.

UPDATE: Zabar’s had no Cabot’s Greek yoghurt. At all. Not even low fat Cabot’s Greek yoghurt. The Cabots brand has been erased from the Zabar yoghurt case.

Before 2016, I’d simply go to the dairy manager and ask about Cabot’s, ask when they were getting in an order.

After 2016, I will consider the dearth of Cabot’s ominous and will sink into a state, the term for which I don’t yet have.


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