This lawsuit has everything! pot in the dishwasher, sex on the roof, a coop suing…

And with a couple of neat Daily News puns:

Headline: Co-op ganja geezer: Apt. gone to pot: suit.

First paragraph: They’re in a tiff over spliffs.

And later: For Kempter, the co-op’s lawsuit doesn’t pass the smell test.

You must read this whole highly aromatic piece. It’s funny and fun and the defendant, a co-op shareholder named Richard Kempter, doesn’t mince words: “I think there’s a racial issue here,” he said…”This is a very racist neighborhood.”

Kempter has balls. “He shrugged his shoulders when asked about allegations that friends were caught on security cameras going to the rooftop for sex.”

“‘They probably did have sex, which would piss these people off,’ Kempter replied.”

So now you definitely want to read the whole article, by Barry Paddock and Ginger Adams Otis. Right? Lawsuit over smoking pot, having sex on upper East Side rooftop is ‘racist,’ says co-op resident – NY Daily News.

And maybe some of you are seeking a one-bedroom co-op apartment in an East 72nd Street high ride. With a rooftop terrace, or garden. Or something. Just saying you might want to call Mr. Kempter.

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