“Three Cups of Tea” fraud lawsuit dismissed

Not sure why, but a lot of people seemed to be interested in the peculiar lawsuit filed against Greg Mortenson over his book Three Cups of Tea, claiming that he defrauded readers. I never thought it was a lawsuit to begin with and apparently a federal appellate court agrees with me:

HELENA, Mont. — A federal appeals court on Wednesday rejected claims that author and humanitarian Greg Mortenson committed fraud by lying in his best-selling book “Three Cups of Tea” to boost sales and donations to the charity he co-founded.

Read the whole story from the Montana newspaper Star Tribune here: Appeals court rejects fraud claim against ‘Three Cups of Tea’ author Mortenson | Star Tribune.

The only useful points to be made here are: (1) anybody can sue anybody for anything at any time; (2) anybody can get his lawsuit dismissed, having wasted time and money; (3) I thought there was a third useful point but now can’t think of one; and (4) I just thought of another point: take a look at the date when this lawsuit was filed, and the date it was finally dismissed, and you’ll get an idea of how long federal lawsuits take from filing to conclusive decision; (5) unless, of course, these particularly empty-headed plaintiffs decide to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in. (I will bet that the Supremes will decline to take up this case. Unless, course, Scalia is having one of his religious moments — you know, the moments that should have bounced him off the court quite a while ago. Except that Supremes have lifetime tenure. And I didn’t mean to go into that actually.)


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