Tidbits from plague town

Zoom. Zooming. I’ve learned how to use the expression but don’t believe I can use the app.

A friend who zooms regularly — she’s involved with a number of projects that regularly hold seminars and such gatherings — told me a funny story. One woman who’s a member of one of her groups declined to join a zoom session because, due to COVID, she hadn’t been able to get to her face repair person and her Botox was wearing out.

Someone else I know said “no” to a family trivial pursuit junction because she’d have to dress more appropriately for her grandkids than she does for hanging around the house.

Have you noticed the dark roots appearing in the hair of TV commentators? Also, their hair is getting long enough to Rapunzel it. And that includes the males.

Century 21 is promoting a sale on Fendi, Gucci and Prada but hurry up — they’re selling fast.

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