Tiffany Trump’s vacation–the whole story from DailyKos

Source DailyKos: Why Did the State Department Pay $100,000 For Tiffany Trump and Her Mother’s Vacation Car Rentals?

I gave you a bunch of tweets about this. Today DailyKos, via Britain’s The Daily Mail, adds to the fairly nauseating information we already have about Tiffany Trump’s holidays. With glossy big photos of Tiffany and Marla you are not going to want to see, sorry.

Let’s see. What categories should I place this in? Hmm.  The Filthy Rich, yes, and Strictly For Bitter Laughter–because what else is there to do?

Not my desperate What Do We Do Now? because all we can do is wait for Robert Mueller to complete his investigations, and for the elections of 2018.

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