Today, a long January 6 sentence moved me to investigate another Club Fed facility

Since I read today that another violent Capitol attacker was given a 7 year plus sentence, I went back to work to review some more federal prison locations.

Meet Herlong! Odd name, isn’t it? It’s in California, near the Nevada border, and sports some nice scenery, although the premises itself is rather austere ⇓. Kind of like one of those modernist desert houses with nothing but wall in the front and huge windows in the rear. Although I doubt this one has windows in the rear.

Herlong is medium security. Its published information makes it distinctly different from the other Club Feds I looked at. For one thing, the Admissions and Orientation booklet is 7 pages long. (Others have been many, many pages.) No “welcome to Herlong” opening paragraph. Most of this A&O is devoted to sanctions and disciplinary measures and a long series of bad things inmates can do which will get them in trouble. Bad things, ranging from killing to…circulating a petition.

And no indication of any recreational activities. No yoga classes, no arts and crafts.

Man, this is a strict prison, less Club Fed than Club Fuck You.

The commissary list isn’t particularly healthy. Nor is it fine cuisine, although there is something called a Spam Pouch which may be cuisine, for all I know. The only interesting item in the beverage list is a lemon berry mix. Mm, sounds good.

But the most striking aspect of Herlong FCI can be viewed on the map, which I got by clicking on “driving instructions.” Mousing in on a facility has previously given me intriguing local features, like that cowboy church near La Tuna.

But no matter how far inward I moused, there is absolutely nothing anywhere around Herlong FCI. It is out there in the middle of nowhere.


Yeah, this is where I’d send the January 6 attackers.

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