Today in the anarchy city formerly known as New York…

…creatures and colors are loosed upon the land!

Maybe because Halloween has been COVID curtailed, everything is exploding out on the streets and sidewalks. The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade has become the ad hoc anywhere-you-are parade and the buildings decorated in previous years are decorated today.

Yesterday I saw a grown-up person of indeterminate gender wearing a fully feathered hen head. A very small girl was walking next to the hen but not accoutered as a chick. So perhaps there’s some dis-coordination going on with this Halloween, but no matter. Costumed parents are on bikes with their costumed children riding behind and in front of them.

It’s perhaps more imaginative than Halloweens of the past, but that’s what people do when constricted in one area: they send out lively shoots all over the place.

The masks contribute to the costume conceptions, or even suggest the conceptions. The spirits are awakened and so are spirits. It feels good.


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