Lawsuits of the Filthy Rich

I know, I know: it’s not only rich ladies who choose allegedly lousy, or even allegedly crooked, financial advisors. Very rich men lost a lot of money being stupid about Bernie Madoff.

But people, come on! Is it because you’re rich that you think you need financial advisors and is it because you’re rich that you choose miserably? Are you so rich you just don’t pay attention?

So here’s the story of Dick Wolf’s ex-wife Christine. Dick Wolf is the producer of the many “Law & Order” shows. Christine is, well, his ex-wife. And she—as did Patricia Cornwell who also sued—retained Anchin, Block & Anchin, an accounting firm, to manage her accounts. Some of the details sound familiar:

The wildly wealthy Christine Wolf claims the accounting firm gave her the green light to rent a six-bedroom, four-bathroom mansion in Greenwich, Conn., for $14,000 a month, beginning in January 2005.

But Anchin failed to inform Wolf that her $2000,000 worth of renovations to the home were a violation of the lease…

Sorry. I get upset when women are this dumb. Or careless. Or conscientiously ignorant. Or just too rich to pay attention. Whatever.

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