Today’s weeny lawsuit

I’m on a new regimen. Only one batty lawsuit from the Daily News each day. Call it a diet, call it reprogramming, I just can’t keep reporting this stuff; I have so many more important things to tell you.

So, here you go. Enjoy it. (Oh, and just because there is a little lesson in it: pay attention to that text message. I’ve warned everybody that e-mails and internet postings can become discovery in a lawsuit and can win or lose the lawsuit, depending which side you’re on.)

Ex sues over 50G enragement [sic] ring

A 53-year-old Buffalo man is suing his ex-fiancee over a $50,000 diamond ring that she insists was a goodbye present.

Louis Billittier called off his engagement to Christa Clark because she refused to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Now he wants the engagement ring back, The Buffalo News reported. Clark has refused, prompting Billittier to sue.

A text message Billittier sent to Clark after the breakup may lead the judge to side with her. In the text, Billittier referred to the ring as “a $50,000 parting gift.” He now says he didn’t really mean that. — The Associated Press

UPDATE 4/8/14. And yes! Indeed, that text message — call it discovery, a smoking gun thing — blew it for Billittier. As the Daily News reported yesterday: Text message costs Buffalo man a $50G diamond ring – NY Daily News.



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