Transgender folk in NC: bring your birth certs to the bathroom!

From Carl Hiaasen, published today in the National Memo:

North Carolina’s new law aimed at controlling transgender access to public restrooms might seem stupid and unenforceable, but actually that’s only half true.

The law can definitely be enforced. All you need are thousands of paid gender monitors, stationed diligently at the doors of every public restroom in the state.

North Carolina lawmakers have declared that the gender of a bathroom user must match the gender listed on his or her birth certificate. Most people don’t usually bring their birth certificates to the toilet, but perhaps reminders could be posted on highway billboards, social media and in airport terminals.

Sometimes even a great satirist–and Hiaasen is certainly that–can’t up the satire on reality too much.

Indeed, why do I suspect the powers that rule North Carolina will take Hiaasen’s suggestion seriously?

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