Trump! Iowa! The headlines! The reality

I will be brief.

I just read this NYT headline: “5 Takeaways From Trump’s Runaway Victory: Donald Trump crushed Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley and also benefited from their close battle for second.”

Well, perhaps we should investigate what “runaway victory” means.

Total votes: 110,298.

Trump’s total: 56,260.

Registered Republicans in Iowa: 752,000.

Registered Republicans who did not vote: 641,702.

Are you impressed with the runaway crush? Yes? In that case, I will pull out my little calculator to investigate what these crushing numbers mean.

What percentage of Iowa Republicans voted? 14.667%

What percentage of those Iowa Republicans voted for Trump? 7.481%

Who got crushed?

Or is this…meh? No. Less than meh.

What is the value of meh? I have no idea. You’re asking someone who can’t figure out the differential between team points in an NFL game.


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