TRUMP name coming down from his only “Wall”

I’m always carefully about passing rumors onward. That is, I always label them by writing, “This is just a rumor.”

I did note this rumor on Twitter–just as I described the buildings occupied with TRUMP’s name, running from 62nd Street to 72nd Street on a street called ‘Riverside Boulevard’, as the only wall Trump will ever have.

The wall is called Trump Place.

You can see this wall best while driving along the West Side Highway (although it’s a really difficult road so you don’t want to take your eyes off it if you’re driving). If you’re a passenger in that car, though, and look at it, you’ll notice that the wall blocks prized Hudson River views from an older co-op complex, Lincoln Towers, right behind it.

Lincoln Towers people, and a lot of other Upper West Siders, were not happy about this apparent Trump triumph–even though as is now clear, he doesn’t have anything to do with the buildings. He has simply licensed his name to be plunked on ’em.

Anyway, nobody up here likes Trump. No, wait–I can’t fact-check that. There are probably a few people up here who think he’s great. UPDATE 11/17/16: Just read in Michael Winship’s mourning piece on about the election that only 10% of Manhattanites voted for Trump. And Winship reminded me Trump was booed at his Manhattan polling place.

But not, as I just confirmed, the people who live in Trump Place:

At three large rental buildings on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, a movement is underway to rid the properties of Donald J. Trump’s name.

Source: What’s in a Name? When It’s ‘Trump Place,’ It’s a Revolt – The New York Times

Question is: if Trump’s name is removed, will the buildings’ owners cancel the licensing agreement?

The more stuff I read like this, and the threatened lawsuits, established lawsuits, Trump brand consumer revolt, and criminal and fraud investigations of Trump’s empire, I have to wonder: will he seriously regret running for office?

I hope so.

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