“Trump Rat Has Arrived in New York City”!!

Two big, beautiful pics of the Trump Rat which has hit New York City streets, right near Trump Tower.

I’m not sure if you all know the history of the massive inflated rat used by unions outside of non-union, anti-union and/or scabbing businesses, but we who live here know them well.

The rat’s collective name is Scabby the Rat and he has a Facebook page.

I’m somewhat surprised that this story–sent to me by my brother Ethan, a staunch union guy–is from Architectural Digest, journal of the poshest of the posh. But I’m not kvetching:

Source: Trump Rat Has Arrived in New York City | Architectural Digest

Maybe the Trump Rat and the Trump Chicken could combine into a rock or rap duo. Or go make up your own stuff about this.

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