Trump Tower is Orthanc!


Just occurred to me, as I read a tweet about the progression of disturbed amateurs entering the tower to bow and scrape before Trump, pleading for important jobs in what used to be our government.

I don’t see Trump as Saruman, though. He’s no wizard, although he seems to have peered deeply into the Palantir and has been transfixed by its Evil Eye. (Nah, I’m not giving that to Putin. He’s a montebank.)

Perhaps Trump is Saruman’s sycophant, Grima Wormtongue, with a dye job.

I’m not yet sure who Saruman is. Maybe Bannon.

And since I’m more optimistic than paranoid, do not believe in any god and, ergo, do not believe in any absolute evil, I don’t think we have a Sauron anywhere in our Middle Earth.

It’s a bad thing, though, when real-life American politics sends me back into The Lord of The Rings. So I’m pleased to see that my own mayor has a firm grasp on reality. He’s sent a bill to Orthanc for all the extra security New York City has been forced to supply:

In a letter to President Obama, Mayor Bill de Blasio asked for federal reimbursement for expenses related to protecting President-elect Donald J. Trump and his family at his New York residence and offices until his inauguration on Jan. 20.

Source: Letter to Obama Requesting Trump Tower Security Reimbursement – The New York Times


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