Trump voter with MAGA cap goes into W Village bar…

And you think you know how this is going to end, right?

I’ve gotten away from reporting on lawsuits, because, well, other things have taken precedence. I.e., have occupied my mind like a home invasion by heavily armed NRA members. You know what I mean.

But today in the Daily News, a lawsuit story popped up that I would NEVER deprive you of. (Never mind my grammar.)

In fact, I’ve just struggled for an hour to copy the story into wherever and convert it to whatever, despite my inadequacies with such internet shenanigans. (I learn what I must to do what I want to do and after that forget what I’ve learned. Until I need to figure it out again.)

Briefly, here’s Greg Piatek from Philadelphia (an accountant, yet) who walked into the Happiest Hour bar in the West Village. Wearing a MAGA cap. Claims it was “a spiritual tribute” to 9/11 victims. Do you think he was being deliberately provocative? Maybe? A smidgen?

Anyhoo. Into the bar he strode. He alleges in his complaint that the bartender told him, “Anyone who supports Trump or believes what you believe is not welcome here!” My comment: yeah, right. That’s exactly what would never happen in a West Village bar–we’re way too cool–but exactly what some antagonistic doofus from PA would imagine would happen in a West Village bar.

Whatever this guy fantasizes, he was served; the bar, in trying to get the lawsuit summarily dismissed, has Piatek’s rather ample signed receipt for his drinks–$186, plus 20% tip.

Nevertheless, Piatek is suing the bar. For what? Well, it’s so hilariously fuzzy it’s hard to grasp, but I’ll try: he’s suing because…he was discriminated against for “his practice of wearing his hat to pay spiritual tribute [as] a part of his creed.” He’s claiming he’s part of a “protected class of people.”

OK, you’ll be deeply relieved to read what the Happiest Hour lawyer wrote in response:

The plaintiff’s arguments are entirely fanciful. There is zero case law to support them. This latest filing shows once against that this action is a publicity stun in the guise of lawsuit.

Does this make you think of the Little Sisters of the Poor who rejected providing their (female) employees insurance that would include contraception? Or that cake “artist” who won’t make wedding cakes for gays?

Piatek’s lawyer–so you can decide whether to retain him in the future–is Paul Liggieri. The Happiest Hour lawyer is Preston Ricardo.

Just in case you think I made this all up, here’s the article. Why it has a huge SAMPLE written over it I do not know. Maybe when I figure out how to scan Daily News stories directly…


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