Trump’s objections to voting by mail?

From today’s New York Times coverage of Chris Wallace’s Fox interview with Trump:**

Mr. Trump, who has voted by mail, has repeatedly warned, without evidence, that mail elections would involve robbed mailboxes, forged signatures and ballots printed by foreign countries.


Mr. Trump suggested that he might not accept the results of the election should he lose. Mr. Wallace, who spent the interview grilling the president — a tactic he has used in other high-profile interviews — pointed out that Mr. Trump said the same thing in 2016.

“You don’t know until you see,” Mr. Trump said. “It depends. I think mail-in voting is going to rig the election. I really do.”

Here’s a little memory test. Do you remember that Ivanka got Chinese trademarks for…voting machines?

Oh, yes. Here are the significant paragraphs in the Times article I linked above, with my discreet bolding:

HONG KONG — China granted initial approval for 16 new trademarks to Ivanka Trump, the president’s elder daughter and senior adviser, renewing questions about the Trump family’s intermingling of official roles and international business interests.

Among the broad array of trademarked items were shoes, shirts and sunglasses — the sort of products that were sold under her recently closed fashion label. Other categories given initial approval were less obvious fits, like voting machines, homes for senior citizens and semiconductors.

So when Trump suggests our ballots will be printed by foreign countries, is he accusing, say, China of preparing to do what his daughter was planning to do herself?

Ah-ha! If we come to use post office boxes for voting, what happens to Ivanka’s trademarked voting machines? Sounds like a complete business flop, to me.

Maybe Ivanka can get a trademark to plunk her face on our mailboxes.

** Do read the entire article. Lots of advantages, the primary one being you don’t have to listen to Trump himself. And when you see what he said in writing, it will be impossible to avoid the realization that he is fucking crazy and mentally 7 years old. Or maybe 6. Or less.

And then, since Wallace regularly comments on Trump’s absurd statements, “That isn’t true,” you’ll be spared from having to do it yourself by yelling at the TV.




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