Trump’s vicious war against American women

Important. Nick Kristof’s op in today’s New York Times is about Trump’s war on Planned Parenthood clinics — goes beyond anti-abortion legislation.

I did not know about this and was appalled.

It begins:

VIENNA, W.Va. — You might think that since President Trump opposes abortion, he’d want to help young women get birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

You might think that someone who claims to be “pro-life” would want to help young men and women get cancer screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

But new Trump administration regulations, part of the administration’s broader war on family planning and women’s health, curb access to birth control and are causing chaos in family planning clinics across America. At a Planned Parenthood clinic that I visited here in northwestern West Virginia, a worried 20-year-old student arrived for a chlamydia test: She had previously been treated and came for a three-month follow-up to see if the infection was gone. Normally the test would have been free, but because of the new Trump rules, she would have to pay $94.

She couldn’t afford $94 and left without the test.

American women: what more can be said about having Trump sitting in the White House?

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