Twitter and me, a frustrating tale with renewal aspects

For quite a while I’ve been tweeting at “naomis_sidebar.” Makes sense, doesn’t it? And, if I may brag, I’d accumulated a TON of followers.

Gross exaggeration. I had about 42 or 43. Still, I was very fond of my followers and did my best to tweet amusingly and coherently, just for their benefit. I felt I was addressing an intimate cohort, as if we were all sitting around my place yucking it up. And nibbling whatever I was cooking.

Twitter just screwed me up. After my new computer was up and running a few days ago, Twitter suddenly asked for my whatevers, and I put my whatevers in, or thought I did. Since then, Twitter has refused to let me into or use “naomis_sidebar.”

Bah humbug. And rats, too. My communications with Twitter have been pointless and not quite human. I get friendly emails that do not address the problem: naomis_sidebar is wandering in cyberspace and won’t let me enter. Twitter has asked me whether it was sabotaged. How would I know? I can’t get into it.

So I’ve begun a new Twitter account: “joyofsuing.” That makes sense, too, doesn’t it?

And that’s where all of my TONS of followers can now find me. And maybe if you do I’ll get once again up to 42 or 43. Or even more.

(My friend Michele has over 1000 followers. She tells me this delicately, as if she thinks I’ll be hurt or crushed. Instead, we both laugh because neither of us understands how to accumulate followers — although she has more ideas about it, and is more eager to approach accumulation aggressively, than I do or am. As for me, I’m happy to tweet about whatever I write about here, and give you the link, so just in case you don’t subscribe to Sidebar, you can pick up 160 character notes on what you’re missing.)

There, I’ve told you. Make of it what you will.

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