Twitter just locked my account. Did I offend Elon Musk?

Not that I know.

I mean, I doa bunch of people who say mean things about Elon Musk, but they’re not locked. Why should I be?

We can derive a lesson about paranoia from this incident. If I were paranoid, thinking I was the center of the universe, I’d say, “Elon Musk just bought Twitter and went after me!!!”

He did no such thing. He doesn’t know me from Eve. He’s way too busy, tweeting absolutely insane stuff about why Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked. (Is this why he bought Twitter? To tweet crazy stuff all the time?)

I sent a message to Twitter reporting my locked account but, according to Twitter, Elon fired a lot of people just before their end-of-year bonuses, so it may be there’s no one there to deal with my message. This is getting so damn meta…and I don’t even understand what meta means.

Could the Bureau of Prisons be pissed at me for copying a photo of a cell at one of their facilities? Of course not. They’re consumed with proactivity, figuring out where they’re going to put everyone who will be indicted because of criminal involvement with Donald Trump.

Anyhow, I’ve now told you all so I’m going to watch football for the rest of the day. And read the Times. Not having Twitter may free me for tons of productive activity.

Thank you, Elon!

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