Two fun lawsuits

Ah, that Daily News! What would I do for fun lawsuits if I didn’t read this paper?

So, today: A middle-aged violinist who sued the Young Concert Artists competition—designed to help musicians ages 16 t0 26—for age discrimination, had the chutzpah to complain about the age of the federal judge assigned to his case. Judge Robert Patterson is 88. The violinist is 60.

So the guy complained and his case was re-assigned … to Judge Patterson. I don’t know where this case is going but “successful litigation” is not a term that comes to mind.

And then there’s the German guy who is suing a rapper because: German guy found a laptop stolen from the rapper, who had offered a million buck reward for its return and somewhere in between the missingness of the laptop and its return, the German guy didn’t get his million. So he’s suing for it.

A guess this is a breach of contract suit? Help, somebody, tell me.

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