Two ladies’ lawsuits, one of them Beyonce

Beyoncé is suing a video game manufacturer for $100 million. Since it has something to do with a deal she made with them — a deal she claims they’re eliminating her from — and since I know nothing about video games or why any such thing should be worth $100 million, I am simply reporting it here.

One hundred million dollars. BTW, I think this is not a contingency case.

A woman named Cecilia Efem is suing a police officer — the same one who arrested City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez during a raid on the OWS-ers at Zuccotti Park. She says the cop, Steven Caro,  pulled her over “for illegally passing a slow-moving car,” but after she handed him her license, he “suddenly yanked her from the car without giving her a chance to give him her auto registration … He slammed her into the car, tearing her rotator cuff and injuring her back.”

Then he arrested and charged her with “resisting arrest and reckless driving.” She pled to a traffic violation. The other charges were dismissed.

It’s a federal case, probably on contingency.

The quotes are from the Daily News, which really really needs to repair its dopey search function. That is, if I didn’t read the actual paper, I’d never know about these cases.

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