Two lawsuits, and two remarkable women

Please read this wonderful piece, by Peter Applebome, about Edith Windsor, whose landmark, powerfully justifiable case challenging the Defense of Marriage Act has now been taken up by the Supreme Court. I want her to be my best friend. Edith Windsor Revels in Gay Marriage Case Before Supreme Court –

Another woman, Nafissatou Diallo, remarkable in her own way and also courageous, just settled her case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn. She had to face a media barrage of doubt and the kind of sneering that women who accuse mighty, rich men of sexual assault usually face. Her situation was made even more painful because she is African and not, like Edith Windsor, well-educated and successful in a high-powered field. Strauss-Kahn and Hotel Housekeeper Settle Suit Over Alleged Attack –

And apparently, according to the Russ Buettner piece in the Times, Ms. Diallo also successfully sued and settled a case against the New York Post — a classy Murdoch rag to the last filthy page — for “having reported that she worked as a prostitute. The newspaper cited anonymous sources.”

I criticize the Times for calling the Post a “newspaper.” It isn’t and someday, maybe, I’ll tell you the story of my telephone encounter with a Post reporter.

Meanwhile, today is my Day of the Wonderful Women. Join in the celebration.

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