Two lawsuits: one strip club injury, one Koch brother

From the Daily News and Victoria Cavaliere comes stripper-and-broken-bladder news. I have no comment, except please look at the last line of the article because it’s my question, too, and I’m wondering what the statute of limitations is in Pennsylvania for an injury caused when a stripper slides down a pole and lands on you as you are lying flat on the stage and your bladder is ruptured. (Oh, I guess I did have a comment.)

He sues Pa. strip club for crashdance

A Pennsylvania stripper packed a little too much G-force into her G-string, according to a lawsuit.

Patrick Gallagher, of Lansdale, Pa., sued the Penthouse Club for $50,000 after one of its dancers ruptured his bladder with a shattering slide down a stripper pole, the suit charges.

The catastrophic collision reportedly occurred during Gallagher’s November 2010 bachelor party in northeast Philadelphia — although the suit was only filed Sept. 28.

The unidentified dancer “negligently and carelessly slammed her body against plaintiff with such force as to cause significant injuries,” the suit alleged.

Gallagher was lying flat on the stage when the dancer crash-landed on his abdomen, the lawsuit said…

Lawyer Neil Murray would not explain why Gallagher waited two years to file suit.

And then there’s this lawsuit defeat to a Koch brother who bought a bottle of wine presumably owned by Thomas Jefferson but has sued Christie’s, the auction house, for “promoting the wine as genuine when it knew it was not.” The piece by James Barron is worth reading, if only for Judge John G. Koeltl’s wit-infused decision. Lots of old wine puns.

Now isn’t this the same Koch brother, the under-the-radar Koch brother, who is trying to grab public land in Colorado to decrease access to the old west town he has constructed, like a kid who never grew out of longing to be a cowboy? Yes, “decrease” is the right word, because Bill Koch wants this town all to himself and his friends and will not be opening it to the public. (Hey, it’s his toy.)

It’s the same Bill Koch, who will not be under the radar very much longer if he keeps getting his spoiled rich boy sulks into the news.

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