Two minority employee lawsuits, one really nasty

B&H Photo was hit with another multimillion-dollar discrimination lawsuit … when two Hispanic men charged in state court that they were denied promotions and raises for years at the electronics shop.

Anyone who has shopped at B&H or in any Orthodox Jewish-owned stores will read about this lawsuit with sympathy, or empathy. People who live in religious or ethnic enclaves treat anyone who isn’t one of them as The Other, i.e., badly. I’ve been infuriated to witness this rottenness in Orthodox-owned stores.

And the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accused M. Slavin & Sons, a Bronx fishmonger located in the huge Hunts Points market, of “racial and sexual harassment—including a boss who allegedly poked male employees in the buttocks with fish hooks.”

Although no wrongdoing will be admitted (I’m thinking Federal judges, and this is a federal case, have had something to say about this “no wrongdoing” statement lately), the case will be settled for $900,000 to 31 minority workers. “Wrongdoing” is therefore implied and I guess that’s the best we’ll get out of these fishmongers.

All quotes are from the Daily News.


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