Two multi-billion-dollar stories: one sickening, one inspiring

From 538’s Significant Digits (the digit directly below is pretty significant):


A woman is suing Chipotle for more than $2 billion, saying the company used her photo in promotional materials without permission, because presumably her attorney couldn’t stomach pursuing a dime more than eleventy bazillion dollarinos. [Grub Street]

But so is this digit:

$8 billion

Charles F. Feeney, who made a fortune from duty-free stores and prudent investments in technology companies, last year successfully completed his goal of giving away $8 billion. Over years of giving, he aggressively avoided the spotlight and asked recipients not to publicize the donations. Feeney has kept about $2 million — with an “m,” not a “b” — to continue his modest retirement. What a nice dude. [The New York Times]

If you didn’t read the NYT piece on Feeney, do. It might help to restore your faith in some percentage of humanity.

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