Two practical suggestions for those protesting Kavanaugh’s restaurant dinners

You’ve heard about it, right?

Kavanaugh went to a Morton’s steakhouse in DC for dinner. A group of protesters learned of his presence and grouped outside the steakhouse. Kavanaugh and his security detail — you know, the “detail” he demanded to protect himself from the non-violent loathing emanating from the majority of us, especially women — had to escape through the back door of the restaurant, w/o eating dessert.

A Morton’s spokesperson was foolish enough to issue these statements:

A Morton’s rep condemned the demonstration, telling Politico that Kavanaugh and all other customers were “unduly harassed by unruly protestors,” while eating on-site that night.

“Politics, regardless of your side or views, should not trample the freedom at play of the right to congregate and eat dinner,” added the Morton’s rep.

I’d question his wording (“at play?” “the right?”) but aside from that, oh boy, how stupid. Morton’s, actually a chain of expensive steakhouses, is being inundated by reservation calls. I feel in my (t) bones a boycott will be announced imminently.

I have two suggestions for anyone who intends to protest the public appearances of the scurrilous SCOTUS Six.

Kneel and Pray

Remember their recent, uh, “interpretation” that the First Amendment gave that football coach the constitutional right to kneel and pray on the field?

That would be the very same First Amendment that says “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech…or the right of the people peaceably to assemble…”

So why not combine the two rights? I mean, when you’re protesting Justices outside a restaurant, do it on one knee, with your head bowed.

Cover the Back Door

When you protest at the front of a restaurant, do what cops do when they’re about to raid a joint: send some guys to cover the back door.

Meanwhile, onward non-Christian soldiers.



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