Two reasons to watch the Jan 6 hearing tonight

On January 6, 2021, I had the TV on, I’m not sure why. It was daylight and I never have the TV on in daylight. At the same time, I was on the phone with my cousin Thomas.

Then there came a moment when I interrupted our conversation to say, “You’ve got to turn the TV on now, you have to see this.” What I was viewing at that moment was a Black policeman, whom I now know to be Eugene Goodman, running up a wide marble staircase while being pursued by members of a white mob.

Only later did I learn that Officer Goodman was deliberately leading the mob away from the congresspeople the mob was hunting.

What we’ll see tonight and in subsequent broadcasts is actual, moving American history, before it’s inscribed in books. We will see the living record of an stunning event that had never happened in this country before.

I see two reasons which might induce you to watch:

If you’re part of the majority, you want to know what happened and who did what to whom. You’re not afraid of the facts, the reality.

If you’re part of the minority, you’ll want to get off on the violence.


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