Two states enact good and meaningful laws. The DOJ? Not

In a way they’re small laws, local laws. But in a way they are, as one headline reads, huge steps forward toward righteous protections for individuals.

In the face of a federal government locked in a crazed demolition derby to destroy the essence of good governance, the states must come through to protect us. And Illinois and Washington are:

Source, the ACLU: Reform Is Finally Coming to Illinois’s Unjust Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws

Here’s more on the municipal theft known as “forfeiture.”

Source: Washington gun control law is huge step forward for domestic violence victims

And then there’s Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. As states move forward, he spills back:

Source: Jeff Sessions Backs Civil-Asset Forfeiture to Bipartisan Criticism – The Atlantic

Department of Strange Bedfellows (from SCOTUSBlog with my emphasis, just so you don’t miss it):

At Reason’s Hit and Run blog, Damon Root observes that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent embrace of civil asset forfeiture puts Sessions “on a collision course with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas,” who recently stated in a statement respecting the denial of certiorari that the “legal justifications offered in defense of civil asset forfeiture … cannot be squared with the text of the Constitution.”

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