Uh-oh: is popcorn dangerous to our lungs?

Again from Lawyers.com (they have been great today), a piece about a lawsuit involving popcorn. Seems like the gas used to process microwave (buttery) popcorn can do real damage to one’s lungs.

A plaintiff just won a big jury verdict against the popcorn manufacturer and stores that sold it. Of course, since it’s a jury verdict (over $7 million), he won’t be getting money any time soon. There will be appeals that can take many years, and probably a post-verdict negotiated settlement between the lawyers.

But that’s it for me and popcorn at the movies. Damn.

BTW, speaking of yummies, have you, too, heard that rice contains possibly unacceptable levels of arsenic? And brown rice contains more arsenic than does white rice. Until I get the rice all-clear, I’m going full time to quinoa and potatoes.


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