Uh oh. More jimsonweed

Could this be considered a panic? Like a tulip panic, except not?

More jimsonweed has been detected up here on the upper west side.

I’m just going to stay in my apartment, seal up the door and windows and maybe never go out again.

Just kidding. But, hey, some of my neighbors are not. And what’s more upsetting to a New Yorker than learning none of our usually protective City agencies is responsible for New York tree “pits” without any trees? Which is where the jimsonweed is growing, into big bushes — if this photo is an accurate representation.

See, if there were a tree in the tree pit, it’d be the Parks Department purview. But there’s no tree, so a Parks Department spokesperson advised,

“We welcome New Yorkers to care for the tree pits in their neighborhoods,” she said.

In other words, remove the Jimsonweed yourself.

“It is not fatal or toxic to the touch, just do not ingest it in any way, shape or form,” Howard said. “Put on a pair of protective gloves, get a big garbage bag, pull out the weeds from the roots, put them in the bag, throw it away, and you’re good to go.”

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