Uh: Where does the GOP FIND creatures like Brat?

I’d say I’m getting bored picking up all these GOP lies and smears and whatnot from DailyKos Elections, but I can’t. They’re too too too…

VA-07: Oh, you have got to be kidding us. Republican Rep. Dave Brat tweeted out a weird new attack ad on Tuesday claiming that his Democratic opponent, Abigail Spanberger, was “caught on tape at a Dave Brat town hall shouting him down and calling for tax increases.” But the video, quite literally, shows absolutely nothing of the sort.

Rather, it features footage of the event where Brat called out various questions to the audience, like, “How many people want to see individual income tax rate reductions for you in this room?” (“No!”) and “How many people want to see tax increases to fund more programs?” (“Yes!”) Spanberger, who happened to be seated in the front row, is shown nodding and occasionally answering along with fellow attendees.

It’s quite remarkable, then, that you can hear Brat’s voice with crystalline clarity throughout the spot (which is probably appearing online rather than on TV). At no point does anyone in the audience, Spanberger included, “shout him down.” Indeed, he was the one who solicited feedback from the crowd—and obviously didn’t like what he heard. No surprise, though, that a Republican congressman views anyone expressing an opinion contrary to conservative belief as an attempt to silence him. That’s simply GOP orthodoxy at this point.

You may recall Brat won his seat by defeating Eric Cantor. Remember him? Ah, those bad old days.


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